Drug Discovery
  • Clonetics™ Primary Cells and Media – Over 150 authenticated primary cell types and optimized media, ready to use today.
  • Stem Cells and Media – Primary adult stem and progenitor cells available with growth and differentiation media, and ES-derived differentiated cells and media.
  • BioWhittaker™ Media and Sera – Classical media, plus an extensive array of serum-free media including protein-free, chemically defined and non-animal derived formulas.
  • MycoAlert™ Assay and MycoZap™ Antibiotics – Complete portfolio for easy and quick mycoplasma detection, elimination and prevention.

We offer a broad range of services to support drug discovery research processes including custom cell isolation, expansion and transfection services, biomarker discovery, mechanism of action and compound profiling services; and assay-ready primary cells. These services enable researchers to perform drug discovery research using biologically relevant tools to generate decision driving data quickly and easily.

Relevant Acceleration
We have a reputation for expertise in many areas of cell biology, from the earliest research through biopharmaceutical production. Our presence in many pharmaceutical product and service markets helps us to understand the limitations of existing technologies and guides our efforts to find and develop better solutions for our customers.

Lonza is the market leader in primary cell biology. Over the past decade, the use of primary cells has been expanding. As primary cells are more difficult to handle than cell lines, we deliver complete protocols to address this. The importance of consistent tools in drug discovery is indisputable, and we strive to standardize our highly relevant products.

Our Solutions
We focus on critical areas of product and service development.

  • Primary cell supply, including diseased cells, stem cell-derived cells, immortalized cells, cells containing biosensors, transfection of difficult cells and cell expansion services.
  • Improved prediction from cell models, including contextual cell-based assays for toxicity and mechanism of action assessment.
  • Making it easier for you, including reagent production, Cells on Demand™ Services and putting the assays you already use into biologically relevant primary cells.