Lonza Consumer Care remains firmly committed to products that are safe for consumers, their families and the environment. It prides itself on having exceptional toxicology and regulatory teams that consistently monitor the latest data or changes pertaining to any of its existing chemistries in conjunction with intensively reviewing new chemistries and their attributes and benefits. As the Consumer Care family, we are fully committed to our responsibility as a provider of antimicrobials, supported by our products’ historic track record of safe use and effective performance over many years.


DMDMH – Position Statement

DMDM Hydantoin (DMDMH) is a long-standing, broadly-adopted and globally-approved preservative recognized as providing protection to consumers and their products alike. DMDMH works by gradually releasing very low levels of formaldehyde to maintain the integrity, functionality, performance and appearance of cosmetic, personal care and hygiene products by preventing the growth of harmful bacteria. Without such protection, consumer welfare could be in jeopardy, with bacterial contamination exposing consumers to the risk of infections, particularly those who have compromised skin or immune systems.

Peer-reviewed studies show that formaldehyde exposure from consumer products - for example cosmetics that are preserved with DMDMH - is negligible, and contributes little additional exposure to formaldehyde above those levels commonly found in household air from other sources such as furniture, carpets and fruit. Instead, these trace levels of formaldehyde largely remain in the liquid product formulation (as needed and intended) so as to prevent growth of bacteria rather than being present in an inhalable state.

Lonza Consumer Care continues to stand behind the safety and efficacy of DMDMH, and will maintain and sustain its support for all safe and appropriate uses of this product.