FormulaProtect® is a new interactive application that allows formulators to save time and easily identify preservatives that best suit their specific needs. By simply selecting specific formulation criteria such as pH, required spectrum, formulation type, regulatory and organizational approvals, amongst other criteria, the user will be presented with a selection of recommended preservative options along with detailed information on each of them. This tool will help provide guidance for the preservatives that meet formulators' marketing needs and that provide the efficacy required throughout the lifetime of the cosmetic product.

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Please Note: To access any PDF documents within FormulaProtect® you must register and then request access. If already approved please login to view document within FormulaProtect®.

It is recommended that users read all technical information for each product and follow recommendations for use. It is also recommended that users consult Lonza Technical Services team at to confirm all use and regulatory details. It remains the responsibility of the manufacturer to check the efficacy of all preservation and protection systems or products in the specific formulation in normal use conditions and under the user's stability protocols. Testing in the final packaging is encouraged. It remains the responsibility of the customer to check that all regulatory is compliant with their countries' specific requirements.

For household and industrial cleaning applications, visit Preservation Connection™, a new on-line selector tool, to help you quickly and easily select the best preservation solution for your formulation.