Raspberry cake with icing


Lonza has been a global provider of food emulsifiers for over 40 years and is uniquely positioned to provide a broad portfolio of innovative technologies and improved ingredients for the food industry.

At Lonza, we have the insight and the foresight to produce the highest quality emulsifiers for the food industry. From baked goods to confections, whipped toppings to salad dressings, Lonza can help you achieve the physical and functional properties you desire in taste, texture and appearance.

Years of technical expertise, continuous advances in research and development and state-of-the-art equipment have been core to securing our position as an industry leader and most importantly, as an innovative and reliable partner to our customers.

Whether you need to modify an existing formula, blend various ingredients, or develop a totally new product, Lonza can fill your order. Consider us the secret ingredient to your success!