For the Nutrition market we offer the following complementary products and services:

The MODA™ Paperless QC Microbiology solution is a service from Lonza Biosciences Quality Control (QC) Testing and Analytical Services. Our offering enables automation in the QC processes in regulating manufacturing environments, including the Nutrition market.

MODA™ Paperless QC Micro Solution. More Science. Less Paper.™  
The MODA™ Paperless QC Micro solution encompasses automation of the full spectrum of QC activities including environmental monitoring (EM), utility testing and product testing. The MODA™ software ties together automated scheduling, workflow, mobile data acquisition, device integration and advanced analytics.

Microbial Fermentation Services
Lonza’s custom manufacturing and process development services offer the nutrition market access to advanced fermentation technologies, expertise, and flexible capabilities for starting material, intermediates, and active ingredients. Our 30 years of laboratory and production experience with proteins, enzymes, secondary metabolites, modified peptides, carbohydrates, biomass/cultures, and advanced chemicals allows us to meet a wide range of fermentation needs.