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Today, consumers around the world are passionate about looking and feeling great. At Lonza Consumer Product Ingredients, we deliver the solutions our customers need to bring to market successful products that meet their needs and desires.

We do this by working with our customers to really understand tomorrow’s demands for health, wellness and beauty products and by focussing our research on those areas with the greatest potential to keep them ahead of the competition

Our market-oriented, collaborative approach to delivering the ingredients our customers need is further strengthened by Lonza Consumer Product Ingredients' regulatory expertise. This means that our customers have the regulatory approvals, backed by science, to make marketable claims that deliver commercial success.  

Serving the three markets of Hygiene, Nutrition and Personal Care, we enable our customers to improve the lives of their consumers by ensuring healthier environments, delivering more nutritional ingredients, and offering more advanced hair and skin care products.  At Lonza Consumer Product Ingredients, we are committed to advancing the science of well-being, together with our customers.