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The Lonzamon™ series are Acrylic Acid ester monomers used to upgrade acrylic polymers for coating and adhesive applications. They are especially useful when there is need for improved adhesion, reduced glass temperatures, reduced solution viscosities and enhanced crosslinking functionality. They also promote adhesion to metal, mineral and wood surfaces, and improve the VOC profile in the final application. 

Lonzamon AAEMA
Lonzamon AAEMA PQ


 Lonzamon™ AAEMA
 Formula C10H14O
 Molecular weight  214.21
 CAS RN  21282-97-3
 Minimum assay  95%
 Minimum stability  1 year
 Melting point ca.  -60°C
 Boiling point ca.  100°C/1hPa
 Density g/cm3 (20°C)  1.122
 Packaging  Drums, IBC
 Transport information  Not restricted