oil gas pump jack

Lonza’s global portfolio of oil & gas performance ingredients provide:

  • Corrosion inhibition
  • Biocidal control
  • H2S scavenging 

for use in up-stream oil & gas activities including drilling, production, stimulation and unconventional oil & gas recovery.

Product Development and Application Support

Lonza focuses innovation on market-aligned solutions and high-performance chemicals for challenging technical environments. At Lonza, product development and application support stems from our knowledge of unmet needs in the market, our extensive chemical technology platforms and from the skilled teams of application chemists in Lonza’s technology centers.


Lonza’s regulatory expertise and extensive data packages allow us to support customers globally with solutions that are in compliance with the requirements of the applicable regulatory, environmental and safety standards (BPR, REACH, OSPAR, EPA, PMRA).

Our team of specialists remains on the forefront of any changing regulations and policies to ensure the products we offer comply with the varying regional specific regulations that underpin today’s oil & gas industry.