container ship

Barnacles, algae and slime are more than just a drag on a ships speed and performance; they drag down shipowners' profits by boosting fuel consumption and maintenance costs. Lonza has led the way in developing  products for marine antifouling coatings to prevent marine fouling on ship's bottoms.


The marine aquaculture industry raises fish using “net-pens” that are susceptible to continuous biofouling -- the accumulation of unwanted marine plants and animals, such as shellfish, algae, barnacles and hydroids.  Biofouling can compromise the integrity of the nets and also reduce water flow which is detrimental to the health and environment of the farmed fish.

Lonza’s Copper Omadine® Products offer lasting antifouling performance in aquaculture applications.    

Lonza’s Omadine® products may not be registered for use for these applications in your country. Please contact us for information regarding approved applications in your region.