High Performance Thermoset Cyanate Ester Resins

The Primaset® products range are a novel class of high performance thermoset cyanate ester resins.They are characterized by glass transition temperatures up to 400° C, very good dielectric and mechanical properties and epoxy-like processing. Areas of use are electronics, aerospace, automotive and industrial composites and compounds.

We offer a wide range of cyanate ester resins.  Our cyanate esters products are available in solid, liquid, or solvated form.  





  • Primaset® BA230S 
  • Primaset® PT-30/S
  •  Primaset® BA-200
  • Primaset® PT60/S
  • Primaset® BA-3000/S
  • Primaset® ULL-950S
  • Primaset® DT-4000
  • Primaset® HTL-300
  • Primaset® DT-7000
  • Primaset® CE-320
  • Primaset® LeCy
  • Primaset® LVT-50
  • Primaset® PT-15