Diamines as Chain Extenders for PU and as HT-curatives for EP

The Lonzacure® product range is a powerful class of high quality and easy to handle polyurethane chain extenders for advanced two component polyurethane cast and spray applications where high thermo mechanical, chemical and abrasion resistance are key requirements. As epoxy hardeners, they provide increased use temperatures and impact resistance as well as decreased moisture absorption.

Lonza offers various product solutions in liquid, solid and pellet form tailored to meet the needs of your application and processing requirements.  



Our Lonzacure® product range:  

  • Lonzacure® L15
  • Lonzacure® M-CDEA
  • Lonzacure® M-DEA
  • Lonzacure® M-DIPA
  • Lonzacure® M-MIPA
  • Lonzacure® DETDA