For more than 90 years, Lonza has been supplying the market with nitrogen fertilizers. The product range is based on ammonium nitrate. Chemically, ammonium nitrate consists of two nitrogen components. Its nitrate compound is instantly available to the plant whereas its ammonium compound is more enduring. This dual feature makes the ammonium nitrate an ideal nitrogen fertilizer in terms of efficacy and environmental aspects. Decades of manufacturing and formulation expertise have resulted in easy-to-handle products with specific particle size distribution, which allows for even and precise spreading.

The most prominent member in Lonza’s nitrogen fertilizer family is the black colored ammonium nitrate based on schist. The inert and relatively soft schist powder confers the granules a well-balanced firmness with respect to handling and nitrogen release. The soil has to provide only a small amount of moisture to allow the granules release the nitrogen.    

Lonza is serving only the Swiss market through the company Agroline AG.