Biotechnological Custom Manufacturing

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  • Introduction

    For more than half a century, Lonza has been one of the world’s leading producers of nutritional ingredients and vitamins. In the early 1980s, Lonza scientists discovered a unique way for the biotechnological production of  L-Carnitine on a commercial scale.  Today, we are a leading manufacturer of active and functional ingredients for the agriculture, nutrition, cosmetic, personal care, biotech and pharmaceutical industries.

    Biologically derived products such as biopesticides, biostimulants and other microbial active ingredients, as well as biologically derived intermediates for  subsequent chemical conversion are of growing interest for the crop protection industry.

    At Lonza, our fermentation and process development services offer you the most advanced technologies, capabilities and experience in the industry. Whether for small-scale development projects or commercial-scale market leadership, our unparalleled experience, cutting-edge facilities, commitment to quality, innovative nature, dedicated project management, and green thinking help your fermentation product reach its full potential.

    Backed by Lonza’s more than 30 years’ experience and expertise in biological processing and our track record in the agricultural area, we offer our customers a full “one-stop-shop” service package at all stages of development and production.

    • You have an idea of a specific target molecule, you have an initial strain and process to be further improved, you need general consulting, for any request we develop together with you the most suitable service program.
    • Whether you need a few tons for your launch phase, or you request commercial volumes, we offer you a reliable technology transfer into our manufacturing assets, and take full responsibility for in-time and in-spec delivery of your product.

    At our sites in Visp, Switzerland, and Kouřim, Czech Republic, over 200 highly qualified experts are dedicated with their passion and motivation to deliver out-standing results.  Backed by Lonza’s reliability, quality and service guarantees, we help you maximize the financial benefit of your product.

  • Production Plants

    Lonza’s fermentation and associated downstream process facilities are located in Kouřim, Czech Republic. On a site area of more than 80’000 m2, we provide a total fermentation capacity of 475 m3 with the associated recovery and purification equipment, an integrated waste water treatment plant and also our dedicated R&D and analytical groups as well as all other service functions.  

    The site complies with all relevant industrial standards (HACCP, Kosher, FAMI-QS, cGMP and ISO 9001:2008) and is inspected on regular base by authorities, e.g. FDA, SQS and also our customers.

    We can offer 24h production comprising:

    1)      Fermentation manufacturing capacities:

    • 3 x 15m3
    • 2 x 15m(Option for BSL-2 )
    • 5 x 50m3
    • 2 x 75m3

    2)      Associated downstream processing equipment:

    • Disc-stack centrifuges
    • Tangential flow filtration units (Micro-, Ultra-, Nano- & Reverse osmosis)
    • Homogenizer
    • Chromatography 
    • Depth filtration
    • Activated carbon adsorption
    • Ion exchangers
    • Electrodialysis
    • Evaporators
    • Crystallizers
    • Filter centrifuges
    • Spray-Drier
    • Rotary vacuum dryers
    • Frewitt Mill
    • Tray dryer
    • Freeze dryer
    • Storage tanks
    • Filling lines

    3)      Ex-proof facilities (DSP 2x50m,3 2x75m3  and  3x50 m3)

    1. Core Technologies

      Technologies & Product Experience:

      • XS Technologies™ for Microbial Expression
      • Therapeutic Proteins (for oral & topical applications)
      • Secondary Metabolites
      • Modified Peptides
      • Carbohydrates
      • Enzymes & Biotransformation products
      • Lyophilized or Frozen Cultures
      • Biomass Products

      Lonza’s Microbiological Experience:

      • Aspergillus
      • Bacillus
      • E.coli
      • Fungi
      • Gluconobacter sp.
      • Hansenula
      • Lactococcus sp.
      • Leuconostoc sp.
      • Microalgae (Ulkenia)
      • Penicillium sp.
      • Pichia
      • Pseudomonas
      • Rhizobium sp.
      • Rhodococcus sp.
      • Saccharomyces
      • Staphylococcus sp.
      • Streptomyces
      • Trichoderma
      • A dozen other microbial species, including BSL-2 organisms



    2. Process Development & Scale-Up

      Lonza has a wide range of experience with a variety of microbial organisms, including bacteria, fungi and microalgae. We can develop, transfer and/or optimize process unit operations. Lonza has the ability to produce under ISO/Food/Feed standards. We offer full life-cycle project management - from development stage to full-scale in-market supply and from strain development to regulatory submission support.

      We understand that the road to an efficient commercial manufacturing process starts with the right process development program. Our multi-disciplinary process development team is constantly focusing on economic viability, robustness, scalability and conformation to the regulatory requirements of the processes right from the beginning. Our process development teams in Visp, Switzerland have some of the most extensive fermentation know-how in the industry, having developed over 100 processes, 25 of them large-scale.

      Strain Improvement

      The technologies we use for strain improvement are as follows:

      • Classical Mutation Technology – rational & random mutagenesis, genome shuffling (non GMO)
      • Recombinant DNA Technology – metabolic engineering (GMO)
      • Lonza’s proprietary XS Technologies™ for Microbial Expression

      Bioprocess Development

      • Fermentation Process Development and Media Design
      • Biotransformation and Biocatalysis
      • Lonza’s Biocatalytic Toolbox (>700 wild type strains and wide range of enzymes)
      • Combined biotech and chemical process development

      DSP & Formulation

      • Development of product recovery & purification processes (e.g. membrane technologies, biomass separation, filtration, extraction, crystallization, drying and chemical modifications)
      • Formulation technologies (e.g. spray drying and encapsulation)
      • Analytical development for in-process and final product analysis

      Scale-Up Piloting

      • Full range of equipment for scale-up studies
      • Computational Modelling of unit operations and full process
      • Manufacturing of pilot volumes