Spherical dryer for chemical manufacturing in Visp, Switzerland

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cGMP and ISO-Certified Manufacturing Solutions

By optimizing synergies between biotechnology and classical chemistry, Lonza provides alternative and innovative manufacturing pathways.  Since 1897, Lonza has been investing in advanced chemical technologies and state-of-the-art facilities for production capacity that now ranges from gram to multi-ton quantities.  Our modern chemical technology toolbox is based on a broad range of expertise at each of our manufacturing sites around the globe.

Lonza’s ISO-certified facility provides customers with complete and flexible manufacturing packages, created through close relationships, under strict confidentiality.  We also have additional non-GMP facilities capable of manufacturing intermediates and building blocks for many different industries.

Our global footprint allows for secure supply and risk mitigation for your product pipeline.  Each Lonza state-of-the-art facility allows for superior production and offers a complete solution for your outsourcing needs. 

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