Site view of Visp, Switzerland manufacturing facility

Reach Our HPAPI Experts:

At the heart of Lonza's high potency capabilities lies our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Visp, Switzerland. Here a dedicated team of chemistry experts leverage Lonza’s global resources for effective and efficient Highly Potent API (HPAPI) manufacturing.


Lonza’s Manufacturing Capabilities Include:

  • Multi-scale capacities of three multi-purpose trains: 2 x 630L, 2 x 2,500L, 4 x 10m3
  • Scale-up capacities up to meet demands of more than 500kg per batch
  • Hydrogenation capabilities
  • Dedicated facilities and staff for processing in isolators, big bag handling, clean room manufacturing and validated cleaning procedures
  • Potential for reservation of space for manufacturing scale up and expansion


Figure 1:  This chart outlines Lonza’s internal banding system for occupational hazard classification of products at our site.  We currently have active HPAPI projects with OELs ranging from 5 to 0.04mg/m3.


To learn more about our Manufacturing Sites and our HPAPI Technology visit our Visp, Switzerland facility page.