Technician processing in isolator

Reach Our Cytotoxic Experts:

The successful development of cytotoxic drugs requires a highly skilled team, proper evaluation and training procedures, state-of-the-art facilities, and broad experience.  At Lonza, we strive to offer our customers a platform for safe and effective cytotoxic production backed by unparalleled expertise.

The Cytotoxic team at Lonza is highly skilled in the following areas:

Complex chemistry toolbox
Backward integration of product groups (bio/biochemicals)

Plant Set-up
Multi-purpose / Multi-product
Clean-in-place set-up / Decontamination
Containment / Environment

Hazardous waste handling and disposal installations
Existing Infrastructure
Investments in new infrastructure

Resources & Know-how
Handling of toxic substances
cGMP experience
In-house design and realization capabilities
Highly skilled talent pool