Manufacturing building with mountains in the background

Reach Our Cytotoxic Experts:

Lonza’s chemistry expertise dates back over 100 years and nearly two decades of manufacturing high potent APIs.  Over the past decade we’ve invested more than CHF 150 million to build and maintain our state-of-the-art facilities, with our most recent investment of CHF 24 million focused on cytotoxic manufacturing.

This most recent investment will be used for the expansion of our Visp, Switzerland facility to offer clinical and commercial production of cytotoxics, all in one dedicated facility.  This new facility, with expected completion in the second quarter of 2012, will offer end-to-end development and manufacturing capabilities and enhanced fermentation and chemical capabilities to comprehensively address our customers’ cytotoxic manufacturing challenges.

Lonza’s investments in cytotoxics will allow customers to capitalize on our unique infrastructure and avoid extra investment in expertise, assets, and infrastructure required to work with these highly potent products in a highly regulated environment.

Some of our cytotoxic manufacturing capabilities include:

  • GMP laboratory suites in Visp, Switzerland
  • Hydrogenation capabilities
  • Validated cleaning procedures and OEL levels of 100ng- 1ng
  • Dedicated facilities and staff for processing in isolators, big bag handling, clean room manufacturing
  • Development and manufacture for gram-scale, with future capacity for multi-kilogram scale (available in 2012)


To learn more about our Cytotoxics Manufacturing facilities visit our Visp, Switzerland site page.