Technician sampling product in QC lab in Visp, Switzerland

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Lonza offers early development and manufacturing services for your specialized antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs).  Whether you require small scale development or commercial scale products, our experts in mammalian and chemical manufacturing can provide the conjugation services of your choice.  From ADC process development and technology transfer to customized sample preparation, take advantage of the best characteristics of monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) and the potency of cytotoxic molecules with Lonza’s Easy Access ADC programs.


Lonza's Easy Access ADC Program Includes:

  • Preparation of ADC sample panels using a variety of linker, drug, and mAb combinations
  • R&D safety labs for process development and/or toxicology batches (5mg-50g)
  • R&D team dedicated to ADC process development and tech transfer
  • Clean room with isolator and push-pull ventilation cabinets
  • Lab equipment for milligram- and gram-scale experiments
  • Ability to address various R&D phases based on customer needs
  • Scale up (milligram to gram, gram to kilogram)
  • Scale-down studies
  • Process- and product-related impurity reduction
  • Process qualification / characterization
  • Use of design of experiment (DoE)