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A Novel pDNA Platform

Lonza's novel pDNA production platform consists of three harmonized processes: fermentation, primary recovery, and purification. Use of this platform process reduces development time required for custom pDNA products compared to existing systems.   Our platform includes an integrated approach to process development that begins with a unique, fed-batch, high cell density fermentation process compatible with multiple E. coli host organisms. This high yielding fermentation process is followed by a novel primary recovery process performed under low shear conditions which reduces process time and improves overall product quality and yield. Finally, a unique, two column purification platform based on the differential power of hydrophobic interaction chromatography has been adopted. The use of only two column steps makes the purification process efficient whereby host and product derived contaminants are eliminated while maintaining high product yields.


Our New pDNA Plaform Includes:

  • Reduced development time, higher product yields, improved purity and shorter processing time
  • A process that is compatible with a variety of E.coli hosts, providing the flexibility of using either a client’s strain or a Lonza developed strain
  • A microbial-based platform available for process development projects in Lonza's Visp, Switzerland development and manufacturing facilities