Advantages of XS® Technologies

  • Introduction

    Find the Right Tool for Your Microbial Expression

    Lonza’s XS® Technologies can solve your expression challenges with our large selection of expression systems.

  • Productivity

    Focusing on the Productivity of Your Entire Process

    With Lonza's multi-host XS® System, several microbial options allow you to find the right tool for your expression needs. Whether it’s E.coli, Pichia or Bacillus, these systems have been shown to achieve expression levels in excess of 20 g/L. For difficult-to-express proteins, the XS® Portfolio has delivered expression levels of up to 1 g/L, where alternatives were only achieving a few milligrams per liter. 

    These industry-leading results are achieved through Lonza’s novel molecular biology machinery combined with our world-class fermentation expertise. Improving your cost of goods begins with high expression levels, but it does not end there.  XS® Technologies also drive soluble expression which results in higher downstream yields by avoiding inefficient refold steps


    Lonza's XS® Portfolio contains the following features to improve productivity:

    • Tightly-regulated E.coli expression allows for high cell densities before induction resulting in high titers
    • Strong promoter options within XS® Pichia system drive high titers while preserving cell viability
    • Plasmid retention throughout fermentation ensures higher titers
    • Fed-batch high cell density fermentation processes have been optimized for driving high process productivities
    • XS® E.coli systems drive soluble expression eliminating yield loss from refold steps
    • Pichia drives secretion for higher-yields in recovery and downstream processing



    Figure 1:  Expression levels achieved for various therapeutic proteins using XS® Systems.


  • Process Robustness

    All of Lonza's XS® Technology options are designed to establish the foundation of a reliable and scalable GMP process.

    The following features of the XS® Portfolio drive process robustness and scalability:

    • Complete plasmid retention results in consistent fermentations
    • Platform fed-batch fermentation and recovery protocols form the foundation of robust and scalable upstream processes
    • Optimization of soluble expression is a key feature of all XS® Technologies, resulting in simpler recovery and downstream unit operations.



    Figure 2.  A comparison between specific productivities for a series of E. coli fermentation runs for 10 L high cell density fermentation and large scale fed-batch fermentation (1,000 L and 15,000 L) for two different proteins, showing the scalability of the XS® Systems.

  • Speed

    Faster to the Clinic, Faster to Market

    Lonza understands that filing your IND/IMPD and moving your drug or vaccine into the clinic is a critical step in the progression of your product towards the marketplace. With the help of new automated equipment, we have incorporated a high throughput element into our XS® Technology Platform making it possible to quickly explore all system options.

    Several high throughput tools, including robotic workstations and detection methods, are used for analytics, screening,  transformation, and colony isolation. Within 6 weeks this automated approach allows hundreds of host-vector combinations to be screened to identify the best production clone. In addition, optimized platform processes can enable delivery of GMP clinical grade product in less than 9 months.