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Optimize Vaccine Immune Response

The pathway from discovery through early development for a vaccine is similar to that of a biotherapeutic, including the high risk of attrition at many stages in the process.  Lonza's Epibase® platform of in silico and in vitro immunogenicity screening services can help address the challenges and accelerate the design and development of efficacious vaccines.


  • The Epibase® platform is a flexible, long-established set of tools with wide HLA coverage
  • In silico and in vitro tools provide immunogenicity prediction for vaccine candidates
  • Aid in the development of vaccines with the appropriate immune response
  • Use a fully human system to maximize the chance of developing a safe and potent vaccine
  • Can provide crucial human proof of concept data in the early stages of vaccine development
  • Expert scientists from Lonza's Applied Protein Services team will help to analyze and interpret the data and to provide recommendations throughout the process


Lonza's vaccine design and development services help reduce the cost of failure and increase the chance of clinical success.