Save Time and Money with Early Safety Assessment

All therapeutic proteins show some level of immunogenicity. The potential anti-drug antibody (ADA) response to protein therapeutics may ultimately reduce efficacy and compromise the pharmaco-dynamics and safety of a drug candidate. High levels of immunogenicity have led to increased toxicity and even potential life threatening side effects. Assessing immunogenicity in preclinical discovery is critical to the success of your therapeutic candidate.

Lonza’s Epibase™ In Silico Screening is an early assessment tool for lead selection, comparison and optimization.  Epibase™ In Silico Technology uses a “structural bioinformatics” approach to search for potential epitopes in the target protein.  Epibase™ In Silico incorporates the most recent experimentally generated binding affinities of peptides to the HLA receptor as well as the characteristics of the latest 3D structure of the HLA receptors.  Epibase™ In Silico Screening in conjunction with our Manufacturability Assessment Services, allow you to rank candidate sequences quickly and efficiently to prioritize your work flow and reduce attrition rates by carrying only your best candidates forward.

Epibase™ In Silico Applications

  • T cell epitope identification
  • Immunogenicity profiling and comparison of protein leads
  • Selection of low immunogenic protein therapeutics
  • T cell epitope elimination
  • Documentation of expected immunogenicity risk management planning


For more detailed information, please visit our Epibase™ In Silico Services page under Immunogenicity Assessment.