Assess Manufacturability and Safety to Reduce Risk

Lonza's Developability Assessment Toolbox is a suite of in silico tools and protein structure expertise. The platform includes Manufacturability and Safety Assessment Services applicable to customers in both discovery and early stage biological protein and antibody drug development.

  • Manufacturability Assessment Service analyzes chemical degradation pathways, post translational modifications including deamidation, oxidation and glycosylation, and potential physical stability issues, most notably, protein aggregation.
  • Safety Assessment Service uses our proprietary Epibase® In Silico Screening tool to identify T cell epitopes in target proteins and antibodies that may trigger potential immune reactions in human studies.
  • This service is applicable for all protein types whether derived from mammalian or microbial expression systems. 


Download the Developability Services Brochure 


The Benefits of Early Risk Assessment Include:

  • Reduction in development costs and time
  • Acceleration of the lead candidate selection process
  • Increase the chance of a candidates success
  • Potential optimization of the process before problems arise in development
  • Improved chance of successful manufacturing scale-up 


The post assessment deliverables include full reports highlighting the predictions and analyses from the services listed above. If high-risk issues are identified in the initial assessment, our experts have an extensive range of protein engineering capabilities that have the potential to improve the structure, biological activity and the manufacturing properties of your drug candidate. 

To learn more about Lonza's  Developability Services, download our webinar entitled: "Developability: Reducing the Risk of Failure of Biotherapeutic Candidates" given by Noel Smith, Ph.D., Senior Scientist, Lonza Applied Protein Services.

To learn more about a therapeutic protein's journey through the immune pathway, watch our Immunogenicity Services video.