Accessing the GS Xceed® System

  • Introduction

    Accesing the GS Xceed® Gene Expression System is easy.  Under a Research Evaluation Agreement (REA) we provide you with naïve untransfected CHOK1SV GS-KO™ cells, GS vectors, our chemically defined, animal component-free (CDACF) Media and Feeds System (v8), full protocols and regulatory reports for you to discover and develop any number of candidate proteins at the pre-clinical stages.  Once you are ready to file an IND for a therapeutic candidate, a GS Commerical License must be obtained to cover the clincial development and commercial stages for the candidate drug.

    Simply email us at for information on how to obtain a CHOK1SV GS-KO™ REA. The REA is renewable on an annual fee basis for as long as you have GS-expressed products in pre-clinical stages. This standard package can then be augmented with options to purchase additional proprietary technology together with the associated know-how.

  • GS Xceed® Research Evaluation Agreement (REA)

    The standard package of  materials for GS Xceed® REA holders is:

    • Vials of GMP host cell bank CHOK1SV GS-KO™
    • GS vectors and sequence data
    • Version 8 (v8) CDACF Media & Feeds System 
    • Technology updates 
    • In-house or on-site training
    • Cell bank characterization reports to support regulatory submissions
    • Comprehensive technical operating manual GS literature updates and newsletters
    • Visits to customer sites as part of GS Xceed® System tours
    • Technical teleconference following 3 months of using the new GS Xceed® System
    • Access to technical support from Lonza’s experts via the mailbox
  • GS Xceed® Commercial License

    Once a product has progressed to the stage of IND filing, GS Commercial Licenses (single or multi-product) must be obtained to allow for clinical development and commercialization of your product produced using the new GS Xceed® Gene Expression System. The license should be in place by the start of human clinical trials.  Licensees will often continue to hold a GS REA License along with a GS Commercial License, to allow for continued evaluation of new products in pre-clinical R&D stages. 

    Please contact us at for more information on how to upgrade your existing GS REA to a GS Commercial License.

  • Optional GS Xceed® System Packages

    At Lonza, we value the concept of continuous advancement and innovation of our technologies. We encourage all of our GS Xceed® Gene Expression System customers to augment their standard GS REA package by purchasing other proprietary components together with associated know-how. These additional packages allow you to obtain the maximum value of your expression system.


    Optional Packages of the GS Xceed® System Include:

    • Constant Region Vectors
    • Host Cell Protein Western Blotting Assays
    • Host Cell Protein ELISA Assays


    Epibase® Server for Immunogenicity Risk Mitigation

    • A customer specific server for customers to screen all their candidate sequences in house for potential immunogenicity using Lonza’s proprietary Epibase® screening platform 
    • Automated T cell epitope prediction and report generation
    • Near unlimited number of sequence submissions


    If you have any questions regarding the new GS Xceed® System, please contact Lonza’s licensing group at