Mammalian Manufacturing

Pre-clinical to Commercial

In the last few years, a significant Pharmaceutical Industry presence has grown in the surrounding Tuas Biomedical Park.  As a leader in global custom manufacturing, Lonza has expanded its presence in these growing Asian demographics.  The Singapore project extends our worldwide custom manufacturing capacity to provide customers with further capacity to successfully develop and commercialize their important products in the global market.

Lonza’s cell culture manufacturing facility in Tuas, Biomedical Park commenced cGMP production in early 2011 with a complete range of mammalian bioreactor production systems (200L to 20,000L lot sizes) for both clinical and commercial operation.  In addition, process development services were also launched in 2011.

Our Tuas, Singapore site is a mammalian cell culture manufacturing facility for the contract development and production of biopharmaceutical products, including monoclonal antibodies (mAbs), cellular therapeutics and other recombinant proteins.  Lonza’s Tuas multi-product facility is located in a largely industrial area in western Singapore. 

Development and Manufacturing Capabilities:

  • Process R&D Services
  • 200L
  • 1000L
  • 5000L
  • 4 x 20,000L (Stirred)
  • Associated Purification Suites


Cell Therapy  

Lonza has continued its commitment to emerging markets by expanding its global footprint for Cell Therapy production.  In early 2012, the completion of a second building on the Singapore site will introduce purpose-built laboratories for a full range of process development and analytical services to expand our process development services capabilities, plus cGMP manufacturing suites for cell based therapeutic products.

The Current Expansion Capacity Plans Include:

  • 54,000 ft² of Built-out Space on 1 Ha 10,000 ft² Office/Lab
  • 13,600 ft² Manufacturing - Plus 2,690 ft² for Future Expansion
  • 19,000 ft² Utility Space
  • 8700 ft² of Warehouse / Cold Storage


Cell Manufacturing

  • One Allogeneic Suite (Cell Factory)
  • One Autologous Suite (3 sub-suites)
  • Future Allotted Space for Independent 2nd Allogeneic Suite
  • Media Manufacturing
  • Media Prep, Filling and Cold Storage Areas, Serum Prep Area
  • Bag and Bottle Filling Systems
  • Staging Warehouse, Cold Storage, Kitting & Waste Staging Areas
  • Future Allotted Space for Media Business