Kourim, CZ Facility Exterior

Microbial Manufacturing

Lonza Kouřim is located 45 km east of Prague, in the central bohemian region of the Czech Republic.  This development and manufacturing site was designed to successfully complete ISO projects using Microbial Fermentation processes.

Our production facilities in Kouřim can take your product from process development and validation to large-scale commercial manufacture (up to 75m3), including chromatography, lyophilization, etc. The validated high-throughput design of our plant allows for efficient and flexible delivery of your material requirements as a concentrated, crystalline, spray-dried or lyophilized bulk material.

In cooperation with our chemical services in Visp, Switzerland, we can also execute complex semi-synthetic production orders, and our process development and technical teams can provide additional support, as needed.


  • 2 x 75 L
  • 3 x 15m3
  • 2 x 15m3 BSL-2
  • 5 x 50m3
  • 2 x 75m3
  • Total reactor volume over 500m3, corresponding purification
  • Dedicated analytical groups
  • Round-the-clock production schedules
  • FDA, HACCP, Kosher, FAMI-QS, and other standards approved