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Lonza’s Drug Product Services activities are performed in the Basel, Switzerland area. Drug product development services are based in the Stücki Business Park and GMP manufacture is located in our Stein facility. 

Development Services | Basel - Stücki

Drug Product development services are based in a 3,000 mfacility in the Stücki Business Park. The Drug Product Services unit is comprised of a number of development labs, with state-of the art analytical, formulation and drug product processing equipment. An 8,000 mexpansion of the facility is currently under construction. 

The Drug Product Services Team is highly skilled in the development, manufacture and analysis of parenteral formulations and finished drug products for injection, or infusion of monoclonal antibodies, recombinant proteins, fusion proteins, antibody-drug-conjugates, oligonucleotides, vaccines, as well as virus- and cell-based therapies. The drug product analytical development & quality control (QC) group has industry-leading technical expertise in method development, product characterization and testing of biopharmaceuticals. Specialized expertise is provided for particle characterization, container closure integrity testing, extractables/leachables, surfactant analysis, highly viscous and intravitreal (ocular injectable) drug products.


Drug Product Manufacturing | Basel - Stein

Our fill and finish facility is located in Stein, Switzerland and is the center of excellence for sterile drug product manufacturing in Lonza’s network.  This multi-product facility has been operational since 2009 and includes classified cleanroom areas for cGMP manufacture as well as office and lab space.  The Stein facility has the capability to perform sterile manufacturing including liquid and lyophilized dosage forms for up to 200L bulk volume for clinical supply and commercial launch.   

The facility is filling drug substance from Lonza’s manufacturing sites or as supplied by our customers for biologics, small molecules, peptides and oligonucleotides.

The Drug Product Services Team has extensive industry experience and can help to develop a phase-appropriate strategy for drug product or drug/device combination product clinical testing, commercialization or line extension of parenteral dosage forms.