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Process devlopment

Developers of new biopharmaceuticals often find that manufacturing requirements compete with the focus required for research studies. These resource constraints often delay the promotion of promising products into the clinic. Lonza has capabilities that are designed to streamline your early stage development while developing for our clients, a manufacturing process that will satisfy the late stage product development needs.

By engaging us at an early stage, Lonza will ensure that the decisions regarding cell lines and manufacturing provide a scalable and robust manufacturing process; thereby saving you time and money as your product progresses through clinical development. We offer process development services suitable for pre-clinical programs, and also for programs approaching commercial approval.

Lonza's viral process development services include:

  • Process Development
  • Process Scale-up and Optimization
  • Process Characterization and Validation
  • Process Transfer
  • Assay Development and Transfer
  • Viral Vector Generation
  • Cell line Optimization
  • Medium Optimization
  • Formulation Development