Downstream purification in Slough, UK

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Established in 2005, the DSP Process Engineering Group focuses on decreasing production costs and improving robustness through technological enhancements to and replacement of our existing generic purification platform.


Our DSP Team

The group consists of numerous accomplished scientists and engineers dedicated to technology development. As part of its function the DSP Process Engineering Group communicates across the entire company to take advantage of the experience available within the company.  The group maintains close ties with academia and is currently working with several prominent institutions. Where appropriate, the team conducts experiments to better understand the technology so that it is ready for comparison on customer projects alongside or after an existing development program.

The group's strategy involves a number of key stages that include:

  • Identification of relevant technologies 
  • Prioritization based on assumptions of the new process’ operation in an economic model 
  • Experimental testing of the original assumptions using our own in-house antibody process


Key to the group's success and that of Lonza's customers is the ability not only to identify viable alternatives, but to implement them within Lonza's manufacturing facilities. As such, the group's business model is centerd on the applicability of the new technologies to customer’s products as compared against the gold standard of current processes developed here at Lonza.

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