The Lonza cell therapy manufacturing team is poised to meet your needs for fill and finish of your final cell-based product.  We recognize the unique time constraints associated with converting a cultured cell harvest into a formulated cell therapy product.  The Lonza team has experience with the formulation and biopreservation of a wide range of product types.  We have experience optimizing the formulation of fresh (non-frozen) cell-based products in order to extend non-frozen shelf-life.  Additionally, we can also optimize cryopreservation formulation and freeze parameters to maximize viable cell recovery.  We also offer optimized thawing protocols for clinical trials sites in order to minimize the risks of delayed onset cell death.  

Lonza offers the filling of closed vials for cell-based products that is scalable to thousands of vials/hour in a cGMP-compliant clean room setting.  Additionally, we offer closed-system bag filling for both autologous products as well as low volume allogeneic products.  For cryopreserved products we offer controlled rate freezing in order to ensure that the entire product lot is frozen down at the same rate, together.