woman washing her back

Key Product Attributes

  • Targets odor causing bacteria on the skin
  • Effective bactericidal and/or bacteriostatic active against specific bacteria linked to odor
  • Allows for use in different rinse off personal cleansing applications


Efficacy Data

Minimum Inhibition Concentration (MICs) ​

Minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) is an in vitro test to that determines the lowest concen­tration of an antimicrobial that will inhibit the visible growth of a microorganism after overnight in­cubation. Minimum inhibitory concentrations are important because they can confirm resistance of microorganisms to an antimicrobial agent and also to monitor the activity of new antimicrobial agents.4 A MIC is generally regarded as the most basic laboratory measurement of the activity of an antimicrobial agent against an organism and Lonza uses this as an initial screening for deter­mining efficacy.5 MIC studies were performed to determine the efficacy of Lonza’s Zinc Omadine™ dispersion on numerous organisms that play a part in odor formation.


zink omadine efficacy data table


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