Introducing Densil™ ZOD Antimicrobial

DensilTM ZOD Antimicrobial was designed to address the unique, exterior-coating challenges faced by formulators, particularly in tropical environments, where mold, mildew, algae and other contaminants deface and damage painted surfaces.

DensilTM ZOD Antimicrobial offers:

  • Zero VOCs, chemical stability and broad-spectrum activity
  • An effective fungicide package, including an algaecide for use in tropical environments
  • Controlled-leaching and low water solubility
  • Proprietary color-stable technology
  • Inhibits growth of fungi and algae for long-term, dry-film protection
  • Use in paints, wood stains, masonry coatings, joint cements, caulks, sealants, mastics and stucco and roof coatings
  • EPA approval for use in the United States


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