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A World In Change, Protected™

Preservation is a fundamental element of many Lonza business units, and Consumer Product Ingredients is no exception.  For many years, Lonza Consumer Product Ingredients has remained proud to offer a comprehensive range of preservation systems to the global Home Care and Personal Care markets, a wide-ranging portfolio of single active and blended preservatives that capably offers…

  • Traditional, non-traditional and novel technologies
  • Wide global acceptance and regulatory compliance
  • Broad spectrum efficacy
  • Robust data packages
  • Extensive substrate compatibility
  • Innovative and market-focused R&D
  • Industry-leading Regulatory and Toxicology expertise 

Prominent existing product lines include our well-accepted Proxel® range of BIT-based systems, the cost-efficacious Dantogard® and Glydant® series of preservatives built around DMDMH, our reliable antifungal Glycacil® and Omacide® ranges based on IPBC, trusted Vantocil® and Cosmocil® offers centered on PHMB, and our expanding range of ‘next generation’ non-traditionals and protection systems under the Geogard®, Mikrokill® and Biovert® brands.


However, this is only part of today’s picture.  We all appreciate the dynamic and changing nature of the global preservation markets, and the seemingly endless scrutiny and pressure - from retailers, NGO and consumers - to which many preservatives, primarily those acknowledged as ‘traditional’, are subjected.  As such, it remains critical to select preservation options that recognize and meet…

  • Justifiable and acceptable cost
  • Prevalent applications
  • Consumer desires
  • Country regulations
  • Formulator preferences and requirements
  • Relevant efficacy spectrum
  • A solid science-based approach


In direct acknowledgement of this, Lonza Consumer Product Ingredients has devised a long-term strategy which complements and develops its existing positioning as a long-term, dependable and sustainable key supplier to the global Preservation markets.  The strategy is built upon three pillars…

  • Defend            Continuing robust defence of traditional and trusted core preservation chemistries
  • Develop          Market-focused optimised blend development and R&T, delivered through worldwide regional technical centres
  • Innovate         Commitment to innovation through multi-functionals, potentiation of existing actives, development of true new actives and efficacy testing automation   


Furthermore, we recognise that any modern-day offer in preservation cannot merely be a product or a chemistry but needs to encapsulate other interrelated and synergistic elements such as strong formulation proficiency, end-application know-how, regulatory support, advocacy, hygiene service elements and toxicology expertise.  This recognition is encapsulated by Lonza Consumer Product Ingredients' PreservationPlus™ concept, a model created to best align ourselves with your needs and demands.       


We look forward to working with you to provide solutions to your preservation challenges, now and into the future.  


Preservation, More Than A Chemistry™