Snail on a leaf

Lonza has a leading position in supplying solutions for professional growers and amateur gardeners alike across all the main continents. Meta® Metaldehyde is the active of choice for controlling these mollusc pests because of its specificity and environmental profile. Lonza has invested significantly in the registration packages of the active, most recently securing EU re-registration. Lonza’s offer has been extended to include Axcela® pellets, a ready formulated product for use in a wide range of situations globally.

Slugs and snails are amongst some of the most damaging pests in professional agriculture worldwide and also cause significant problems in amateur gardens. Damage can range from reduction in yields such as occurs in Europe with slugs eating young crop plants and in Asia where the Golden Apple Snail can decimate whole areas of paddy rice leading to complete crop loss. Slugs and snails can also lead to a reduction in the quality of the produce such as in citrus fruits and vegetables. For gardeners the loss can often be expensive specimen plants or container grown plants resulting in unsightly plants or gaps in planting schemes