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Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADCs) are monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) attached to biologically active drugs by chemical linkers with labile bonds.  By combining the unique targeting of mAbs with the cancer-killing ability of cytotoxic drugs, ADCs allow sensitive discrimination between healthy and diseased tissue.  ADCs are part of a specialized subset of highly potent APIs.  This technically challenging type of therapy combines innovations from biotechnology and chemistry to form a new class of highly potent biopharmaceutical drugs.

Our experts in mammalian manufacturing begin the process by using our proprietary expression systems to produce and purify the antibody of choice.  Then our mammalian teams work together with chemical experts at our manufacturing plant in Visp complete the conjugation.

Advances in coupling antibodies to cytotoxic drugs permit greater control of drug pharmacokinetics and significantly improve delivery to target tissue. Potent new anti-cancer drugs can now be used to target cancers while minimizing exposure of healthy tissue.  To learn about Lonza’s capabilities in cytotoxic drug development and manufacturing, visit our Cytotoxics page.

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